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An important part of this project is to document the process students undertook to work with this artifact. Student Loren Enochson is voting on the selection of the web domain, Signatures Of War, which students chose after contributing nearly 300 possible titles and a final list of 10 nominees.  Michileen Oberst's suggestion proved to be very popular.


Documenting The Research Process by Aisha Ahmed, John Brunett, and Madison Sevilla

Dropping the Bomb by Zan Stucky, Jeremy Laufer, and Stephen Knotts

Asking the Experts by Emma DiFilippo

Physical Effects of the Atomic Bomb by Divya Ramakrishnan

Williard Stewart Paul's Role in WWII by Sabrina Yeung and Bridget Madsen

A Japanese Perspective: Kamikaze Pilots by Hana Schwartz

General James P. Marley by Leigh Dairaghi and Kimberley Hallsted

The First Infantry Division (_ the big red one _)by Sidnee Johnson and T'erra Brumfield

The Accomplishments of Thomas Wade Herren by Axel Palmas

How We Studied General James Edward Moore by Nick Hellmuth and Iris Borkovsky

The Story of General Terry Allen by Loren Enochson and Saira Chawla

Remembering General Alexander Papagos by Bill Gray and Nora Marti

Researching the Career of Lt. General Leroy Lutes by Zac Hummel and Nes Wehbe

A Russian Perspective: Family Remembrances by Yelena Kasianova

The Life and Military Career of Maxwell Murray by Trevor Remmel

Leadership: Why These Generals Won The War by Tony Panayides and Sam Maliska

An Analysis of The Death Tolls of World War Two by Madison Rockwell

Louis A. Craig by Sonia Serpa-Hidalgo

The Weaponry These Generals Employed by Graham Marchant and Charlie Jones

Here is another photo gallery

Some students looked at the role of women in the war effort.


Or popular posters...


Some students explored how women were used
as propaganda.


Doing their part; making explosive fuses. 
Women represented one out of every four war workers.