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The links below represent individual and group responses to the signatures.  Some students chose to look at individual signators, looking for biographical material.  As they would find, these are truly significant figures.  Others chose to write analytical essays about what these men did and why it was significant.  Others chose to look at socio-political issues involved in larger issues connected to the conduct of the war including segregation, gender issues, and propaganda. An important part of this project is to document the process students undertook to work with this artifact. Some chose the role of documentarian.

The Biography of Pearson Menoher, 7th Army by Destinee Kindle

Louis Aleck Craig by Jenny Castillo

Norman E. Hendrickson by Jose Tochez

Documenting The Research Process by Noa Dagan

The Manhattan Project: The Lives It Affected by Sabrina Lee

Recollections: Talking To My Grandfather by Noah Miller

John Matthew Devine and the 8th Armored Division by Steven Lai

A Biography of John Kenneth Cannon by Jordan Zenger and Cory Tenanes

A Study of Lt. General Alexander Russell Bolling by Perla de Anda

Lieutenant-General LeRoy Lutes: The Man Behind the Plan by Manuela Richter

The Biography of Elwood Richard Quesada by Ricardo Contreras

Researching General Harold R. Bull by Patrick Carilli

A Biography of General Walter Bedell Smith by Janet Liu

Re-Tracing History: Specifying Facts Through Social Inquiry by Austin Shiau

Major General Maxwell Murray by Chloe Lischnsky

The Governor Militaire De Paris by Artem Skorokhodov

General Frank McSherry by Reed Wanderman-Milne

Counterparts: a Comparison of General Omar Bradley and Field Marshal Walter Model

The Biography of Julian C. Smith by Kevin Miller

James Gavin of the 82nd Airborne by Miles Anderson and Kevin Proceviat

Geoffrey Keyes by Rafael Ramos and Tobey Nelson-Gal

Weaponry and Technology of World War II by Galen Jones

"Terrible" Terry Allen by Biby Chacon

Merritt Edson by Laura Rossiter

Many of these men are buried in Arlington National Cemetary.
General Menoher was a classmate of President Eisenhower
at Westpoint.


Major General John M. Devine was personally selected by Gen. Eisenhower
to command the 8th Armored Division.


General Alexander Bolling fought in both
World War I and World War II where he
commanded the 84th Infantry Division


The grave of Major General Louis A. Craig, 9th Infantry Division
at Arlington National Cemetary