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The links below represent individual and group responses to the signatures.  Some students chose to look at individual signators, looking for biographical material.  As they would find, these are truly significant figures.  Others chose to write analytical essays about what these men did and why it was significant.  Others chose to look at socio-political issues involved in larger issues connected to the conduct of the war including segregation, gender issues, and propaganda. An important part of this project is to document the process students undertook to work with this artifact. Some chose the role of documentarian.

Brigadier-General Francis Gerard Brink by Caitlin Dazey

The Military Life of John K. Cannon by Michael Cullen

General Legentilhomme! by Jason Park and Danny Park

Beyond Bloodshed and Bombings: Psychological Warfare During World War II by Jodi So, Jennifer Park, and Sove Gegamyan

A Biography of Brigadier General Frank McSherry by Saki Sanda

What Makes an Alliance by Emmy Ingham

A Multi-Dimensional Look at General Leslie Groves by Elizabeth Rivelli, Rayonna Adams, and Jessica-Nicole Guzman

General James Edward Moore by Niklas Wahlberg

General of the U.S. Air Force John Kenneth Cannon: Rising To Power by Alex Flatley and Mark Raftrey

Deciphering The Names On These Documents by Michileen Oberst

General Terry Allen's Military Experience: An Analysis by Keren Shemesh

What We Are Attempting To Do by Paige Devine

The Life of General John Matthew Devine By Paige Devine

Who was John Matthew Devine By Max Schmarzo

Gen. Frank William Milburn by DJ Fotsch

Brig. General Alvan C. Kincaid by Marion Garriott, Adiel Velasquez, and Nate Velasquez

Remembering General Edward C. Betts by Bill Gray and Nora Marti

How Students Did This Research by Anabel Homnack

Bryan Keohane and Max Neidhart: What Alexander Papagos did during WWII

Moral Arguments over the Atomic Bomb by Austin Wang

A Study of General Alexander Papagos by Davante Adams

A scan of some of the signatures


Some were dated and had the General's command.


Some names are more readable than others.


These few scrawls were all students had to go by in starting their inquiries.