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Here is a list of all the generals named on the document.

Page 1:

 Leslie Richard Groves, Lieutenant-General (1898-1970)

 Walter Bedell Smith, Lieutenant-General (1895-1961)

 Carl Raymond Gray Jr., Major-General (1889-1955)

 Willard Stewart Paul, Major-General (1894-1966)

 Leroy Lutes, Lieutenant-General (1890-1980)

 Terry de la Mesa Allen, Major-General (1888-1969)

 Maxwell Murray, Major-General (1885-1948)

 Clift Andrus, Major-General (1880-1968)

 Alexander Papagos, General Commander in Chief of the Greek Army (1883-1955)

 Francis Gerard Brink, Brigadier-General (1893-1952)

 Norman E. Hendrickson, Major-General (1925-2006)

 William Henry Abendroth, Brigadier-General (1895-1970)

 Maurice-Noël-Eugenè Mathenet, Lieutenant-General (1889-1961)

 James C. Dozier, Lieutenant-General (1885-1974)


Page 2:

 Alexander Russell Bolling, Major-General (1895-1964)

 John Kenneth Cannon, Lieutenant-Government (1892-1955)

 Geoffrey Keyes, Lieutenant-General (1888-1955)

 Harold Roe Bull, Lieutenant-General (1893-1976)

 Clarence Lionel Adcock, Major-General (1895-1967)

 Armistead Davis Mead, Brigadier-General (1901-1980)

 James Edward Moore, Major-General (1902-1986)

 James Maurice Gavin, Major-General (1907-1990)



 Allen Hal Turnage, Major-General (1891-1971)

 Donald Richard Wright, Major-General (1907-1985)

 INSERTNAMEHERE, Brigadier-General 

 William C. James, Brigadier-General


 J. L. Vanderbilt, Major-General

 Thomas Eugene Watson, Major-General (1892-1966)

 Elmer E. Hall, Brigadier-General 


 Merritt Austin Edson, Brigadier-General (1897-1955)

 Julian Constable Smith, Major-General (1885-1975)


Page 3:

 Sherman Miles, Major-General (1882-1966)

 William Signius Knudsen, Lieutenant-General (1879-1948)

 Basilio J. Valdes, Major-General, Secretary of National Defense (1892-1970)

 Henry Spiece Aurand, Major-General (1894-1980)

 Myron Cady Cramer, Major-General, The Judge Advocate General (1881-1966)

 Frederick LeRoy Martin, Major-General (1882-1954)

 Edward C. Betts, Brigadier-General (1890-1946)

 Frank Johnson McSherry, Brigadier-General (1892-1977)

 INSERTNAMEHERE, Brigadier-General

 Louis Aleck Craig, Major-General (1891-1984)

 Alvan Cleveland Kincaid, Brigadier-General (1892-1968)

 Elwood Richard Quesada, Major-General (1904-1993)

 Leonard Townsend Gerow, Lieutenant-General (1888-1972)

 Marie-Joseph-Pierre-François Koenig, Marshal of France (1898-1970)


Page 4:

 Hugh Joseph Gaffey, Major-General (1895-1946)

 Pearson Menoher, Brigadier-General (1892-1958)

 Frank William Milburn, Major-General (1892-1962)

 Thomas Wade Herren, Brigadier-General (1895-1985)

 William Edward "Ed" Pearson or Edwin Pearson, Major-General (1923-2010)

 William Thaddeus Sexton, Brigadier-General (1901-1983)

 John Matthew Devine, Major-General (1895-1971)

 Rinaldo Van Brunt, Brigadier-General (1901-1989)

 Paul-Louis-Victor-Marie Legentilhomme, Gouvernement Militaire de Paris (1884-1975)

 Alphonse-Pierre Juin, Marshal of France (1888-1967)


A Group of Marine Officers, 11 August 1942

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