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The links below represent individual and group responses to the signatures.  Some students chose to look at individual signators, looking for biographical material.  As they would find, these are truly significant figures.  Others chose to write analytical essays about what these men did and why it was significant.  Others chose to look at socio-political issues involved in larger issues connected to the conduct of the war including segregation, gender issues, and propaganda. An important part of this project is to document the process students undertook to work with this artifact. Some chose the role of documentarian.

A Biography: General Allen H. Turnage by Emma Lenke

The Military Life of John K. Cannon by Michael Cullen

Norman E. Hendrickson by Rachel Vasquez

Henry Spiese Aurand by Zachary Stanton-Savitz

Hugh Gaffey, Vital Support for General Patton by Michael Morton

The Japanese and the War by Meg Hine

Leonard Townsend Gerow By Ashley Dodge

Willard Stewart Paul by Fernanda Mendoza

French Signators by Marie Furter

The War Career of Armistead Davis Mead by Grace Stafford

Walter Bedell Smith by Alexi Kenney

Judge Advocate General Myron Cramer by Melissa Rudolf

A Biography of Major General Clarence Adcock by Arseniy Kotov

How Students Conducted This Research by Elliott Beckstrom and Jack Smale

General Francis Gerard Brink: A Study by Connor Fitzgerald

The Accomplishments of Harold R. Bull by Tyler Spreng

What Makes A General: A Study in Leadership by Lance Cummins

General Maxwell Murray by Nathan Pinsker

The Menohers: A U.S. Military Family by Grace Greenwood

The Who, What, When, Where and Why of This Document by Thomas Williams

Generals of the 9th Tactical Air Command (TAC) by Paul Fallon

General Frank W. Milburn: A Biography by Julia Wong

General A.C Kincaid: Support for Groves by Abraham Phung

General James P. Marley by Leigh Dairaghi and Kimberley Hallsted

The Biography of Major General George Moore by Toby Weber and Jimmy VanDiver

General Hugh Joseph Gaffey's Role in Tunisia and Sicily by Lexie De Stefano

General James Preston Marley by Kimberley Hallsted and Leigh Dairaghi

Self Made Man: An Overview of General James Gavin's life by Mariah Philips

Frederick Martin: An Investigation by Stephen Nguyen

Sherman Miles: Assistant Chief of Staff by Gary Lu

General Hugh Gaffey


General Maxwell Murray


Life Magazine published this
portrait of Brig. General Sherman Miles


Major General Myron C. Cramer was Judge Advocate General of the US Army.  Here he sits (1) across from FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (3) at the trial of a suspected Nazi saboteur