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Welcome to our web site!

This site represents a project being undertaken by 150 high school juniors who are researching a four page artifact from World War II.  This artifact consists of signatures of military leaders including generals, major generals and other officers (all either American, Greek or French) who contributed to the defeat of the Axis.  Some 55 signatures appear on the four pages, some easily readable, some not. Based on their own interests, students will be interpreting and making sense of this document and learning about the men who signed these pages.  What is this document?  Why did these men sign it?  Was it from an Officers Club?  A military venue? These questions and many more would be answered by student investigators using the logic and methods of social science inquiry.

This long-term project continues a series of research invesigations.  Two other websites exist that reflect these previous efforts: Milliejeffrey.com and justicefordina.com.  This artifact, purchased from a private party, has not seen the light of day since the 1940s.  Accordingly it has never previously been studied.  This gives students a clear path to approach the work without previous explorations which may bias their interpretation of the document.

We hope this web site is an efficient way to access the information relevant to this project.  Each student contributed to the construction of their own portion of this web site.  That required an amazingly high level of cooperation because all of us were sharing this platform, there was not one webmaster, but 150!! 



Please get in touch to offer comments.